About Us

My name is Cheryl Lee'McCane.  I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Texas in 2006.  I came here for the heat and my health.  Since my stay here, I have gone through major health issues which has limited my ability to go out into the workplace.  

Since the Covid crisis, we have all learned other ways to achieve our goals without going out of the house.  I decided to take this opportunity, yes opportunity, to reinvent myself as did so many others.  

I have been enjoying my transformation.  I've always known I could be an entrepreneur yet I failed to step out on faith.  NO MORE.  I stepped out and I'm glad that I did.  

One of the reasons why I've started a small business, as a woman, a friend, and family member of people who, like myself, can't always find the right clothing in their sizes, is to provide a one-stop boutique for a premier collection of products that I've hand-selected for all of your fashion needs.  

We have a focus on, but aren't exclusive to, plus sizes and big and tall men's and women's clothing and shoes. We understand that it's not always easy to trust companies and products, especially when they are "unusual" sizes. That's not ever the case with Lee'McCane Boutique, because we cater to every size.  

It's our time to shine and show our resilience in spite of life's issues.  

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
"It always seems impossible, until it is done." - Nelson Mandela
"Cherish your HEALTH, it is your YOUTH." - Cheryl Lee'McCane